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Prisons and Mental Health: What is the Relation?

By: Sam Kantor  An incarcerated student’s artwork. FPEP students report improvements in their mental health after engagement in a course. When it comes to prison reform, mental health is often neglected. During the 1970s, the War on Drugs began, which mandated harsh sentences for any drug related activity, regardless of drug amount or first offence.Continue reading “Prisons and Mental Health: What is the Relation?”


10 Things You Can Do to Help Prison Reform

By Sarah Hubert It’s easier to get involved than you think. The most frequent questions we receive at FPEP are about how to get more involved and what you can do to help. We understand how difficult fighting for a cause can seem. There are many problems; it’s hard to know where to begin. However,Continue reading “10 Things You Can Do to Help Prison Reform”